Creating Attributes

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Creating Attributes

In order to create attributes, go to the WPPA Settings and click on “Product Manager“.

This is where you want to create attributes about the product you are selling. That’s important because those attribute will act as foundation for the question you can ask your user. 

E.g.: If you are selling Soundbars, you might want to create an attributes like brand, model, or most importantly: price.

So the first step is to click on the tab “ Add Product Attribute”. 

There you can type in a name for the attribute. 

Next you want to assign it a type. Price is obviously a number, so you’ll give it the type ‘Number’. 

Next you’ll need a placeholder. The placeholder will help you later to remind yourself what kind of selection you want to present to the user. In our price example you might want to type in something like ‘$300’

Now that you’ve added an attribute, you find a new input field in your product pages. A new sections called “Product Specifications” will be right under the title field. So go to products, edit, and fill out the attributes for each product. 

Next, you’ll need to create the filter questions.

If you experience problems while installing, activating or implementing the plugin don’t hesitate to contact our support.