Creating Filter Questions

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Creating Filter Questions

Go to Filter Questions and click the tab “Add question”.

There you can choose the attribute that you want your question to related with. In our example we pick the attribute price, and then we formulate our question.

The question could be something like: 

What is your budget?

Next you need to define a couple of possible answers. Since we specified a numeric data type for the attribute price, the answers have to be based on a number. So If we wanted to present the user with the following possible answers to choose from: 

$100 maximum

$300 maximum

$700 maximum

Starting from $1000 

you need to put in the following values: 

Let’s ask another question, but this time based on the attribute “brand”. After you added the attribute “brand” in the Product Manager and filled out the field brand in your product pages you can go back to the Filter Questions, click “Add question” and choose the attribute brand. 

Now you can phrase a question again, like 

Do you have a favourite brand?” 

After that you just need to click into the field next to “Options” and choose the possible answers from the presented brands. The plugin will extract those information from the products field “brand” that you’ve just filled out on the products detail page. 

The result looks like this:

Pro Tipp: 

Ask questions that will help your user even if they don’t know what they need. 

E.g.: If you’re selling Soundbars, and you want to give your users the possibility to choose the perfect Watts number for their needs, then don’t ask

How many watts do you need?

But rather

How big is the room you want to fill with sound?

If you experience problems while installing, activating or implementing the plugin don’t hesitate to contact our support.