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Installation & Set-Up

Download the Plugin here. A Zip file called “” will be placed on your harddrive.

Now log into your WordPress, go to “Plugins”, click “Add new” at the top of the page. Then click “Upload Plugin” on the next page, and chose the file from your harddrive. Then click “Install now”.

After installing the plugin, click “Activate Plugin”.

After that you will be prompted with the license activation screen. Enter your license key here.

When the upload is done, you just nee to click “Activate Plugin”. 

After that the last thing you need to do is to enter your license key that you got via mail, and click “Activate License”. 

Now you are ready to create your very own online product advisor. Start here by creating relevant product attributes.

If you experience problems while installing, activating or implementing the plugin don’t hesitate to contact our support.